Newspaper 9 Responsive Blogger Template free Download

Newspaper 9 Responsive Blogger Template free Download

Newspaper is a Blogger theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help!

Create a great news website with our newspaper template. This bestseller theme is perfect for blogging and excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It supports videos from YouTube. AMP and mobile ready. GDPR compliant, the theme is fast, simple, and easy to use for a cryptocurrency, fashion, food, lifestyle, modern, personal, travel, luxury, viral, minimal, minimalist projects and more.

Newspaper 9 Responsive Blogger Template free Download

Integrated with Instagram, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress and WooCommerce, it uses the best clean SEO practices. Newspaper supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.
Last year was an exciting one. Over 76,000 dedicated journalists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and developers have inspired us every day to be more creative. Together, we’ve made the Newspaper Theme the #1 Selling News Theme of all times and we thank you for this!

Are you planning for an outstanding 2019? We hope you are because we’re starting this year with an incredible update. The Newspaper 9 introduces the magic Header Builder, giving you new superpowers to design and create amazing experiences for your visitors. Beautiful Demos, stunning elements, intuitive options and innovative functionality that helps you build everything easier and faster on the front end. Newspaper 9 is a free update for all our customers. If you own a theme License, or you’re about to acquire one, all the features below and more are waiting for you.

So, what’s new?

Newspaper Theme 9 Demos
 3 New Professionally Designed Demos
Fast start your website with unique Demos! Explore the new Nomad, Racing and Home DecorDemos. Crafted with love by our designers, both are ready to help you create an engaging website in no time. Each demo is built with tagDiv Composer page builder using templates from the tagDiv Cloud Library. You can import the demo you love and easily customize everything: from colors, elements, layouts to page structures and everything in between.

Introducing the Header Builder
The header has always been one of the most important parts of your website for obvious reasons. From here you start to create your brand, and this is also the first thing that should make a strong impression on your visitors. Newspaper Theme 9 is an essential update because it brings you a new functionality that helps you create amazing websites for your audience without touching a single line of code for the first time, it’s surprisingly easy to create awesome logos, add elements, and customize everything on your header, right on the frontend. With Newspaper Theme, you can now design unique experiences for your visitors on every page.
Ten beautiful elements like logo, menu, login, live search, categories list, date, and weather are ready for you to use. Combine them precisely the way you like into your perfect header. Take the tour of the powerful Header Manager and explore this feature.

30+ New Designs you’ll fall in love with
You can stop thinking of logos, identifiers, and ads. Start quickly with a header layout designed for your needs. Enjoy the pleasure of using beautiful headers specially built for branding.
To make everything even more accessible, our team of designers created dozens of predefined header templates you can import with a single click and each one is automatically assigned on the page you’re editing. Over 30+ handcrafted header templates are waiting for you in the tagDiv Cloud Library. Whatever you plan for your header, with Newspaper everything is perfectly balanced!

Customize, customize, customize
Design a minimalistic header to impress the audience, all without any coding skills. Yes! This is the power of Newspaper Theme. Each element of your header is now fully customizable, and you choose what items you want on your header. Even more, for each component of the header, you can alter its appearance with ease, right on the front end with tagDiv Composer page builder. It’s Magic!

Integrated Logo Design
How should your website’s logo look like? Is it an image or text? Centered, oversized, or it might be aligned to the right? Great! Newspaper Theme gives you all the tools to design and seamlessly integrate your logo into the header.
All the power of the tagDiv Composer front end page builder is now working for your headers, too, and helps you design logos like a professional designer. From pixel perfect alignment and taglines, endless colors and gradients, to custom typography, you have infinite possibilities to create a logo that fits your website like a glove. Read more about this feature in a dedicated article on our blog.

New Header Main Menu
With unique headers for your every page, you can redesign the main menu from the ground up. The Newspaper Theme brings you the power of the tagDiv Composer through an intuitive interface to enhance the navigation on your website.
For the first time, you can create different menus to serve various pages. Choose which items you want for your main menu and add them. Now, Newspaper Theme helps you create navigation with categories, pages, links, posts, and subcategories. You have all the tools you need to guide your visitors smoothly through your website’s architecture.
Also, we’ve added options to customize the style of your navigation bar without hassle. The versatility you love in the Flex Block is available for your menus, too. Explore this feature here.

Slick Designs for mobiles
Stop cramming the header’s desktop version into mobile screens! The Newspaper Theme brings you options to create different versions of each header for specific devices. Drag and drop the desired elements right on the frontend and test your header in real conditions with a few clicks.

Mobile Header Beach
The new header builder comes with two sections dedicated for mobiles. Choose or create the layout you want for desktop, then try it on mobile with a single click. Customize the main menu for small screen devices by adding or removing elements from your navigation bar. You can also style all the components, and choose smooth transitions on the scroll.
Start now and make a fantastic Mobile Header!

Live Search on the header
Build complete experiences without any web design skills! The Newspaper Theme comes with a Live Search function that will make your visitors thank you. It helps your visitors quickly access the desired content by giving results based on the input keyword and each letter typed into the form.
Drag and drop it to your header and customize it. You’ve got virtually unlimited options available to you. Test out the Live Search designs to find the one that works best with the rest of your website’s style.

Infinite Autoloading
In Newspaper theme 9 we’re introducing a long-expected feature. The Infinite Loading functionon posts is finally here. This is great news for all the publishers out there because now you can give your visitors an excellent reason to stay longer on your website.
Ready to be used globally on the site, you can choose which content to be loaded next. Use older or newer posts, or even posts from the same category and provide great user experiences on your site.

Blogger v.1.1+ and Gutenberg Compatibility
Another fantastic news about the functionalities of Newspaper Theme 9 is related to the Gutenberg compatibility. As you all know, it was compatible with Blogger 5.0 right from the start. In this update, we’ve improved the integration between our template and Blogger 5.0.3 to give you a delightful journey.
In Newspaper Theme, the Gutenberg editor is now matching the frontend output, indeed becoming ‘what you see is what you get.’ This also includes the used fonts and dynamic styles coming from theme settings. Moreover, it brings you support for the .alignwide and .alignfull classes for wide-images to help you create your beautiful content easier.
So, what’s the next step for you? See the features of the Newspaper Theme or the full list of changes.
Update your theme to get access to the new features and options. You’ll find all the instructions on how to update here. We hope you’ll enjoy using the Newspaper Theme on your website!
For the second time in less than a year, we are excited to introduce you to the next generation theme that enhances the way you create your website. After the implementation of the landing page elements in Newspaper 8.5, we have turned our attention to articles. For us, Newspaper 9 is a cornerstone update. Why?
Because we are now entering into a new age for news websites. There’s no need to tenuously spend hours coding any change to your articles. You can quickly do it right on the frontend, directly from the tagDiv Composer page builder. Newspaper 9 makes you more productive and more creative. It helps you create and design your project faster and easier than ever before.
420+ handcrafted elements are waiting for you in the tagDiv Cloud Library. More than an extensive collection of shortcodes, the library is the core of your new creative inspiration. Try it and say hello to the new you – the skillful web designer.
Flexibility is no longer about homepages. With Newspaper 9, all the templates like single posts, categories, author, contact us, tags are now customizable. Directly from the tagDiv Composer and right on the frontend! Take it for a test drive

Breathtaking articles and posts
Unlimited layouts ready for your articles. Our designers handcrafted over 40 templates for single posts. Each one is highly customizable so you can create as many unique layouts as you want. With Newspaper 9 is easy to develop a framework for your content, then dynamically apply it across your website with one click.

140+ customizable sections
The moment you’ve been waiting has arrived. Add extra shortcodes like a Call-to-Action section to your articles to boost your traffic and conversions. Just edit the template, and you can add and customize a variety of elements:
   ●call to action
   ●hero sections
   ●product presentation
   ●pricing tables
   ●team presentation
   ●image galleries
   ●client logos
   ●& more…

30+ contact and about pages
Most of the websites out there use just one contact or about page, and usually, it’s just a dull part of the site. In tagDiv Cloud Library, you’ll discover over a dozen specific pages created by our designers especially to enhance your website. Choose the one you like and customize it to perfection!

10 brand-new category templates
With the beautiful templates in tagDiv Cloud Library, shaping each category of your website is a child’s play. Edit the layout, the featured images, fonts, colors, everything. All the templates use an enhanced posts loop that allows you to display the articles precisely the way you like it. Build spectacular category pages!
Newspaper 9 – New Category Templates
24 New Fancy Footers
The footer is an essential part of the website design. Start paying attention to it. Dozens of delightful footer templates ensure you have the right balance of information, design, and usability. Minimal or complex footer designs, you can now customize each pixel to get the most of every page in your project.
Newspaper 9 – New Fancy Footers
5 shapes for Flex Block
Power up your website with Newspaper Blogger Theme and 5 variations of Flex Block. Now, the sky’s the limit! You can create any online content design you like, or you can imagine. We’ve put them to work and created 84 pre-built templates you can easily import on posts and pages from tagDiv Cloud Library. You’ll love them: dazzling design, advanced filters, responsive editing, fully customizable, and no CSS to code!
Explore new templates
Of course, we didn’t neglect the rest of the Blogger standard templates. Take a look at the masterfully designed search page, attachment, date/archive, and tag page template. All the templates are waiting for you neatly organized in the Cloud Library.
Enter the tagDiv Composer to make any further adjustments to your templates. Change the font families and styling, drag and drop more elements to your page. The frontend page builder is your playground and designing can be your conquest/ main quest. The result? A beautiful page or post for your audience to enjoy.

Newspaper 9 Responsive Blogger Template Services

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